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Under Way!

Hey everyone!
The new season is a few days old, and so far has been dominated by rain and the inevitable early season floods.  Saturday was opening day, with most baiters snagging a decent feed on local rivers.  As the rivers slowly subside from two days of heavy rain and big seas, we again look eagerly over metservice predictions and hope the weather comes right sooner rather than later.
Our boys, Ernest and Jacob, are ready for their next dose of silver screen stardom and are looking forward to Mike and the team from the Erin Simpson Show filming a wee clip here later in the week.

2012 Season looming!!

Hey everyone!  Yep, the usuals are moving their caravans back into old haunts, old nets are being hastily patched, and overgrown riverside paths are being rediscovered.
It's definitely that time again.
It's all 'eyes-down-and-looking' as old Dulcie would've have said.
Not that there's been much too see... so far...
Hopefully there's a little bit of a showing around the rest of NZ today as their season opens.  Good luck to all, hope you get a bit of a taste.

Bluff Oyster Festival - Curly Tree Best Food Stall!

Big Day Out in Bluff! Best Overall Stall Curly Tree Whitebaityay yeah!
How many oysters can you eat in one go?  If you don't know, get to next year's Bluff Oyster Festival and find out.  What an excellent day and on the menu scallops, mussels, muttonbirds, paua, kina, butterfish, oysters, and of course Curly Tree whitebait pattties who managed a walk across the stage collecting the Best Stall Trophy for 2012.
The weather stayed favourable, just cool enough to encourage plenty of yummy hot foodie treats closely followed by a couple of chasers of your choice to keep the glow on.

'Loose Unit' a Wild Foods Winner!

Hey everyone
Boom! Another Wild Foods Festival both barrels right at ya.  A big day out for all - congrats to all the stallholders, beer pourers and barby-crankers, dresser-uppers and get-it-downyers - between us all 2012 was another Wild Foods to remember.
A wee pat on the back to The Curly Tree making another walk onstage - this year for 'Best new Food and Drink', the 'Loose Unit' debuting well at Hokitika.  What's in a 'Loose Unit' you ask?

Wild Foods, beer, wine, and song

Hey everyone, getting a quick word in as the summer festival season rolls on
Curly Tree whitebait spent the Waitangi Saturday at Blenheim, soaking up the balmy Marlborough climate amidst a sea of Blues Brews and BBQ's.  Our first customer of the day was none other Jason Kerrison and the boys from OpShop - check out the pics on the Curly Tree Facebook page - funnily enough as the festival came to a stop they were also our last.  We hope they had an awesome whitebait breakfast!

Another season finishes...

Wow - we're catching our breath here at the Curly Tree as the 2011 season rolls to a stop
The Waita has reverted to it's quiet, iconic, West Coast fishing village persona - a far cry from the net waving, 4WD racing metropolis it becomes for 10 weeks or so as the little fish make their way up-river
And 2011 will go down as one of the better seasons in recent memory - good catches, a few PB's, and mostly decent weather (by West Coast standards anyway).  Already looking forward to 2012

Still fresh at the Curly Tree

Hey All!!
A gynormous thanks going out to all our visitors who've been stopping in for a yummy, fresh, whitebait pattie these last few weeks
It's been a busy time at The Curly Tree - September's catches are up a bit on last year; restaurants, pubs, cafes and late night rugby watchers are all after a taste of fresh whitebait; and of course all of the flag-waving rugby fans from all around the world coming in have made it a September to remember
And haven't they come - USA, Russia, Italy, The Scots, The Poms, The mad Welsh, the madder Irish, Romanians, Aussies, Israeli's, Indians, Malaysians, even some Greeks - all laced (and unlaced in some cases) together with Kiwis both ex-pat and local keeping the Waita buzzing along

What's the Word?

The word is FRESH!
Yes - it's that time of the year again and delicious, fresh West Coast whitebait is back.  The first of the season's catch has been making it's way to chillers and hotplates around the traps and the word is FRESH!
There have already been some memorable early season hauls (couldn't say exactly where....) snapped up by eager restauranteurs keen to get the best of the best onto their customer's plates - so fresh they've only just stopped wriggling in some cases.

A new season for the Curly Tree

With the new season approaching, fresh bait in the rivers, many a whitebaiter are making their way over to the coast for last minute preps. 
Pacing the banks of the rivers and watching shaols swim up stream is testing for the keen fisherman.
Not long to go now....
Exciting times are upon us....Haast is getting itself ready for this season and the festivities in support of the Rugby World Cup with a Family Fun Day & Whitebait Cook off Challenge on 17th Sept 2011.
Sooo make your way over to the coast and join us with the seasons fresh catch. Yum

Easter in Clyde exceeds expectations

Easter Sunday @ the Clyde Wine & Food Harvest Festival was fabulous.
The Curlytreewas there full of enthusiasm right next to three miners winery stand. I might add their pinot gris is a fine choice / compliment to our whitebait patties.
We met some real characters on the day with some returning 3x for that taste of west coast whitebait ( who can blame them?) 
The day was such a success, the whitebait patties an obvious hit with wine as we were SOUL OUT before 2pm ( 3hrs before closing) that did however give us the opportunity to sample many of the other cuisine delights the region has to offer.

Curly update

Many thanks to those who supported us at the Wildfoods in Hokitika, it was an awesome weekend.
We walked away with 1st prize for Commercial stall, criteria was best  customer service, Cleanliness, Staff / stall and food presentation. So we are pretty happy with our results. A huge thank you to our staff  Michelle and Jess-the wobbler for their invaluable time and effort.

@ the Curly Tree

We have had some beautiful days on the west coast this week which has drawn in many a character.
The word is getting around for a true taste of the west coast the 'whitebait pattie' a popular choice from kiwis and visitors alike..
We are gearing up for the "Wild Foods" this weekend in Hoki,
if you are in the area we would love to see you there. It's one of those things you can't miss.
In the meantime take care and drive safe.
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