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Hey everyone, getting a quick word in as the summer festival season rolls on
Curly Tree whitebait spent the Waitangi Saturday at Blenheim, soaking up the balmy Marlborough climate amidst a sea of Blues Brews and BBQ's.  Our first customer of the day was none other Jason Kerrison and the boys from OpShop - check out the pics on the Curly Tree Facebook page - funnily enough as the festival came to a stop they were also our last.  We hope they had an awesome whitebait breakfast!
The atmosphere was laidback, with plenty of colour and....ingenuity to attract the eye with all of the dress-ups going on.  What was with all the policewomen?
Joe Cocker was as raw and contorted and you'd like, OpShop sounded awesome and looked like they were really enjoying their first gig togther for a while.
Maximum Respects to Dale who dominated on the barby and James (who alternated between 'the money honey', the invisible stalking photographer, and the security truck) for stepping up and helping.  Much appreciated - welcome to the Curly Tree whanau
So now the barby's cranking again here at the Waita - the sea's flat so in between patties and that 'real West Coast experience' we're getting out for a rejuvenating splash to make sure the crays don't encroach onto the beaches
Happy February to you all, thanks again for your support
REMEMBER!  Wild Foods 10th March Hokitika - this years theme is "Wild Foods Wild Times" so get hungry, get wild, and get to Wild Foods 2012.
See you there
Get yourself there too
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