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Still fresh at the Curly Tree

Hey All!!
A gynormous thanks going out to all our visitors who've been stopping in for a yummy, fresh, whitebait pattie these last few weeks
It's been a busy time at The Curly Tree - September's catches are up a bit on last year; restaurants, pubs, cafes and late night rugby watchers are all after a taste of fresh whitebait; and of course all of the flag-waving rugby fans from all around the world coming in have made it a September to remember
And haven't they come - USA, Russia, Italy, The Scots, The Poms, The mad Welsh, the madder Irish, Romanians, Aussies, Israeli's, Indians, Malaysians, even some Greeks - all laced (and unlaced in some cases) together with Kiwis both ex-pat and local keeping the Waita buzzing along
They all have their stories to tell - their Kiwi experiences, fav places, the wine, beer and food, the great highways and by-ways -  it really brings home the great things about us as Kiwi's and Aotearoa as a place
So thanks again to all our visitors - enjoy the rest of your time here in New Zealand - leave a bit of beer for the rest of us
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