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What's the Word?

The word is FRESH!
Yes - it's that time of the year again and delicious, fresh West Coast whitebait is back.  The first of the season's catch has been making it's way to chillers and hotplates around the traps and the word is FRESH!
There have already been some memorable early season hauls (couldn't say exactly where....) snapped up by eager restauranteurs keen to get the best of the best onto their customer's plates - so fresh they've only just stopped wriggling in some cases.
And fresh whitebait patties are served hot at Curly Tree each day as visitors to the Coast drop by for their own wee taste of NZ's favourite fish.
Thanks to all  - we appreciate you dropping in, enjoying your yummy whitebait pattie and spreading the word.
And what's the word?
Yep - you got it.
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