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Word on the Waita

Word on the Waita
Gidday all
Well, the cold white stuff has finally arrived.  Had a couple of frosts but most spectacular was the dusting on the Mataketake's yesterday morning.  Whitebait and snow on the hills?  My dear old Grandma would have a story about that
We've had plenty of fine days with lots of hungry and happy visitors for a hearty taste of West Coast winter hospitality, Curly Tree style.  Thanks so much to you all
Next month, Curly tree will be doing a promo tour to 28 I-Sites South Island wide.  Frypan, eggs, whitebait lemons and bread so look out!!  The itinerary will be soon be posted - check out 'upcoming events' to land yourself right place right time
On the subject of events, Curly Tree is confirmed for the 2012 Bluff Oyster Festival - can't wait.  We've also got a foot in the door of the Marlborough Wine and Cuisine Festival at Brancott Vineyard on the 6th of October.  A biggie in the breathing space between the end of pool matches and playoffs in the RWC
By the way, we're very happy to say that Curly Tree whitebait is now on the menu at Peter Thornley's Wakatipu Bar and Grill at Queenstown!  Choice
That's me from the Tree - catch you on the wave
PS - Despite the recent snow, Moana and I were patrolling the local riverbanks this morning - Grandma may be onto something
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